Depths never before explored

Snowman Takeover

Under the sea


Deep down in the big sea there are creatures living in an amazing new world waiting for us to explore. Since there are a lot that needs to be considered diving this deep, we would like to at least take you on a similar trip, on land.

Let’s jump in to our Deep Ocean.

Full time to floatin’


The decor consists of inflatables such as a giant octopus, magical seahorses, huge jellyfishes and a big turtle.

All of these items combined with confetti, CO2 and great music creates an experience that you’ll never forget.

Tentacle and jellyfish
Confetti cannon
CO2 gun

Life is the bubbles

Target group

We can tailor our production to fit clubs, festival stages or other exciting venues.

Our goal is to attract a wide audience that seeks something extra in their nightlife experience.