Welcome to our alley

Snowman Takeover

Welcome to the alley


In the darkest and most authentic backstreets in Asia you could find the most spectacular happenings. Imagine the smoke from a flavourful dish. You can hear the chat from people socialising with each other, blending together with the laughter from kids running up and down the street. They know it better than you will ever do.

This is not specifically a presentation of what you would experience during this event but you will be a part of the weirdest, most provocative and surrealistic place. It has found its inspiration in the Japanese culture. A colourful and playful culture that has emerged for centuries. It is a traveling concept with focus on the production with our signature décor, giveaways and wild happenings.

The guests is our main focus and we will make them a part of the show.

Welcome to our alley.

Wandering through the backstreets


Asian Alley is all about the spectacular dekor and special effects. We fully transform the site into our own world and make it feel like a back alley in Aisa. Our production varies for each venue. It’s everything from 6 meter long Japanese dragons, giant sumo heads and lanterns – it will amaze whoever gets to experience it.

Sumo head
Rice lamps
Confetti Cannon
CO2 gun

Not seeing is a flower

Target group

We can tailor our production to fit clubs, festival stages or other exciting venues.

Our goal is to attract a wide audience that seeks something extra in their nightlife experience.